Metabolomic Technologies Inc. has committed and dedicated research and development facilities through contractual and collaborative agreements with the University of Alberta, Centre of Excellence in Gastrointestinal Inflammatory and Immunity Research (CEGIIR), National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (NANUC), Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Research Centre (NACTRC), and Chenomx Inc. These facilities include basic research laboratory facilities and supplies, NMR facilities, high end cloud computing, clinical trial facilities and supplies required for successful completion of this project. Access to all these resources has been arranged. These facilities have been outlined below:

  • Basic research laboratory facilities and supplies
  • Clinical trial facilities and supplies
  • NMR facilities

Metabolomic Technologies Inc.'s in-house research resources include the use of the Center of Excellence for Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Immunity Research (CEGIIR). CEGIIR is funded through a $22 million award from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and is a unique collaborative joint effort of 35 internationally recognized scientists and clinicians. CEGIIR provides infrastructure support including research and clinical space, equipment, computing network and meeting spaces for a number of its team members. CEGIIR's basic research space is comprised of approximately 1,175 m2 of space on floor 7 of the Katz Group Health Research Facility. This space is comprised of (a) a main office area, (b) principal investigator labs, (c) support facilities, (d) microbiology facility, (e) tissue bank facility and (f) The Applied Genomics Centre (TAGC). In addition to the basic research space in the Katz Group Health Research Facility, CEGIIR has approximately 2,000 m2 of faculty office space and dry lab space in the Zeidler Ledcor Building and a 100 m2 human research endoscopy facility in the University of Alberta Hospital.

Metabolomic Technologies Inc. also has access to the CEGIIR dry lab space in the Zeidler Ledcor Building which will provide additional assistance through access to clinicians, research associates and post-doctoral fellows as well as research coordinators and clinical exam space to see patients. The clinical research unit of CEGIIR is linked to the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Research Center (NACTRC). Dr. Fedorak is both the Director of CEGIIR and NACTRC. Furthermore, the company has access to CEGIIR's biobank that will maintain an accurate library of human samples (blood, urine and tissue) which will catalogue in detail and tag the essential patient and disease data from Metabolomic Technologies Inc.'s clinical trials. Metabolomic Technologies Inc. and the candidate will have full access to the above facilities.

Metabolomic Technologies Inc. can leverage the existing equipment available at NANUC (The National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre). NANUC has provided the international NMR community with scientific and technical excellence to over 100 principle investigators from 40 institutions world wide. It is also home to the University of Alberta's metabolomics initiatives. It has been host to various independent research initiatives, along with a portion of the Human Metabolome Project, and is the chosen service supplier for NMR support for Chenomx Inc. Along with the 800 MHz NMR, NANUC is also home to both a 600 MHz and 500 MHz NMR spectrometers. Our metabolomics experiments take advantage of the 600 MHz spectrometer paired with a 5mm HX probe. Accompanying the 600 MHz NMR is a Varian 768 AS sample handling robot capable of handling 768 samples at a time. The Varian 768 AS has the capability to acquire 7 samples/hour of operation.